Thursday, October 27, 2011

dovecot ssl nightmare...

Earlier this evening I was playing around with the idea of a free SSL. Everything was working fine as I stumbled through the cert authority's site. Since it was open source it was definitely not intuitive in any aspect. Which is fine; these are the sacrifices you make when trying to go for the cheap.

After generating my cert I installed it into our server. Prior to this I had a image made just incase.


Green! Everything checks out. FANTASTIC!

Remove my mail account and re-add it.

Mail begins to not populate from the inbox. All others are fine.

Check webmail.

Inbox is empty.


Fair enough-- Ill restore from my backup.

Backup did not grab my inbox, because it was in use by IMAP...


OK, breathe deep. I can get through this.

Following this, I began a little look around. Why were these messages gone? And if so, where did they get moved to? Obviously the server would not just delete them entirely- That would be stupid.

I navigate to my box. I find it and attempt to open it. "Permission denied in use". A little sudo and I am in.
Now here's where it gets interesting.
ls -lah
cd .DeletedMessages/

all of my inbox. Whew!

now for a little copy and back to the current file.

success! All messages back and all is well.

Interesting how much the finder hides from you even when viewing invisible files.


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