Monday, October 31, 2011

Battlefield 3 Review

***This review is for the Playstation 3 version of the game***

I going on record now saying that this was my first DICE game.

I am a huge shooter fan. When Battlefield 3 was announced with a trailer showing off the new engine I was impressed, mildly. For one thing its all well and good to tout new tech. In fact I will state that the COD engine is looking mighty dated these days.

After traveling into GameStop to pick up my copy, drove home and unwrapped its soft film. Popped that sucker in. Boom! Electronic techno war music. Wheeew i'm pumped, lets go!

The single player of this game seemed mediocre at best. Definitely an almost exact clone of Black Ops in every aspect. I found myself raising an eyebrow almost every cutscene regarding why this was indeed so parallel to Treyarch's game.

DICE did take some interesting turns in B3. The short instance where you were riding saddle in an F-18 was pretty cool. I got a sense of vertigo and other stresses while playing that I have not had in a long time.  However it quickly imitated Modern Warfare within 5 minutes.. a shame.

Multiplayer was indeed a lot different than most shooters. I had a feeling of brotherhood among other players. Giving and receiving commands. Bunkering down and holding a destination from oncoming fire. While only level 5 or so I know I am missing out a lot on features such as vehicles etc.

I look forward to giving more play to the game however Uncharted 3 and COD8 are right around the corner. :(


Thursday, October 27, 2011

dovecot ssl nightmare...

Earlier this evening I was playing around with the idea of a free SSL. Everything was working fine as I stumbled through the cert authority's site. Since it was open source it was definitely not intuitive in any aspect. Which is fine; these are the sacrifices you make when trying to go for the cheap.

After generating my cert I installed it into our server. Prior to this I had a image made just incase.


Green! Everything checks out. FANTASTIC!

Remove my mail account and re-add it.

Mail begins to not populate from the inbox. All others are fine.

Check webmail.

Inbox is empty.


Fair enough-- Ill restore from my backup.

Backup did not grab my inbox, because it was in use by IMAP...


OK, breathe deep. I can get through this.

Following this, I began a little look around. Why were these messages gone? And if so, where did they get moved to? Obviously the server would not just delete them entirely- That would be stupid.

I navigate to my box. I find it and attempt to open it. "Permission denied in use". A little sudo and I am in.
Now here's where it gets interesting.
ls -lah
cd .DeletedMessages/

all of my inbox. Whew!

now for a little copy and back to the current file.

success! All messages back and all is well.

Interesting how much the finder hides from you even when viewing invisible files.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why old tech makes moving forward TERRIBLE :(

I've had a recent debacle regarding trying to implement some older attachment cards into newer systems. It comes to me as quite curious that as we move forward in technology we almost entirely stop supporting the past.

While in most cases this is find and in actuality; I don't really mind. It comes as quite a frustration when not only do we have to find hardware that supports this older peripheral. But more so downgrading the system all-together to make it work.

Seems kind of counter-productive, no?

Google+ PLUS OS X

If you have Google+ a great option to make it as "Mac" as possible is to integrate Google+ into your menu bar. A pretty decent way to do this is "Tab for Google+" available on the appstore. I am just now starting to use it and already I really do enjoy how out of my way it is.

Monday, October 24, 2011