Friday, December 23, 2011

Earlier this week, Star Wars: The Old Republic hit store shelves. Picture World of Warcraft set in the Star Wars universe. Obviously, the idea has mass appeal to today’s class of social gamers and Star Wars fans alike. The games announcement videos and developer diaries released along its road to launch have undoubtedly given fans something to be excited about.

Sadly, the launch turned out to be one of the most unsuccessful in MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) history. While some users are mildly enjoying a bug ridden gameplay experience, a sizable group cannot even create their characters or access the game. The game either fails install or the game launcher reports update errors. BioWares initial response was along the lines of, “it’s your computer’s fault.” But as more and more users report these problems, they seem to be re-evaluating their stance. Still, to many customers displeasure, there has been no official word on when this issue will be resolved.

BioWare’s forums are flooded with threads created by upset costumers who are all threatening to return the game and get a refund. BioWare’s replies are generic at best and will certainly trigger a rage-filled backlash from the community. May the force be with you BioWare, you’re going to need it... 

- Corey -

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